Company Belief

Warom merit: Be proud of renaissance of national industry

Warom spirit: Study, collaboration, competition, innovation
Study has been the first job for Warom staff; we keep ahead in technology, management and service concept by making Study Corporation.
Collaboration is the necessary condition for the corporation running. Warom is committed to improve the procedure continuously and spread the collaboration spirit and set a persistent team.
Competition is the never ending drive of the corporation. Warom keeps improving inner competition system, participating actively in market competition, and transferring pressure to drive and pushing the corporation forward.
Innovation is the way to improve the core competition. Warom keeps improving the technical innovation, management innovation, sales innovation, to be foundation in the future.

Warom culture orientation: humanity, harmony, truth
Humanity Warom: respect talented person; care the working staff, Warom is blazing for humanity.
Harmony Warom: keep harmonious relationships inside corporation and with society and nature
Truth Warom: follow objective laws and keep down-to-earth in working

Warom style:rigorous, practical, civilized, effective
Rigorous:rigorous refers to strict and cautious. Our work conforms to high standard, strict requirements, while careful consideration is needed to avoid mistakes and leaks.
Practical:Practical means work shall proceed from reality and be down-to-earth. Concern on the actual effect, tell the truth, do the practical work and solve practical problems.
Civilized:Civilization refers to our work attitude, work method must conform to the professional requirements and law regulations as well as ethic regulations, such as observe the law, obey the operation requirements, regulations, respect personality and belief of others, etc. High efficiency means fast response, put our plan and measures into action, achieve expected target

Warom talent attitude::No restrictions, able people recruited without overstressing qualifications