KTH123 Mining Intrinsically Safe Anti-noise Telephone

KTH123 Mining Intrinsically Safe Anti-noise Telephone

KTH123 mining telephone has functions of double audio and impulse. It is widely used in the location where is filled with explosive gas (methane). The rated working voltage is 48V. It can work together with the automatic telephone switch which accords with the telephone coupler KTA104 to form a safe telecom system in the underground coal mine. This telephone is key-pressing type.

Meaning of type

Technical descriptions
1.The body of the telephone is made of DMC plastic, beautiful shape with high mechanical intensity. Circuit inside is used with international IC module, with compatible function of audio and impulse dialing (generally, switch is on the audio position ), with the features of accurate, clear, stable, compact, light, durable, easy for maintenance, etc.

Technical data

Rated feeding voltage (V)

Rated feeding current (A)

Ringing voltage (V)

Ringing current (mA)

Communication performance

Ringing level


diameter of cable (Φmm)

Dimension L×W×H


Weight (kg)



DC 60V


DC 60V

DC 35mA

10km artificial line ≤+18dB

10km artificial line≤+2