KTH108 Mining Intrinsically Safe Telephone

KTH108 Mining Intrinsically Safe Telephone

This series telephone is used as communication facility in coalface, loading center, transportation tunnel, substation room, pump room where are filled with explosive gas mixture such as methane, coal dust and so on. It is connected with the coal mine host-telephone via telephone coupler to form a dispatching and administrating communication network.

Meaning of type


Technical descriptions
The shell of telephone is cast with DMC plastic mold, beautiful shape and high mechanical intensity. Circuit inside is used with international IC module, with compatible function of audio and impulse dialing (generally switch is on the audio position), has features of accurate, clear, stable, compact, light , durable, vibrant ringing, good sealing performance, etc.

Technical data

Rated feeding voltage (V)

Rated feeding current (mA)

Ringing voltage (2000, Hz)

Ringing current (mA)

Communication performance

Ringing level

External diameter of

cable    (Φmm)

Dimension L×W×H


Weight (kg)







10Km artificial line ≤18

10Km artificial line ≤2