DGS8-127L(A) Mining Explosion Proof LED Tunnel Lamp (Energy Saving And Long Life)

DGS8-127L(A) Mining Explosion Proof LED Tunnel Lamp (Energy saving and Long life)

The lamp can be used for priming illumination in tunnel and refugee chamber in the coal mine where is filled with explosive gas mixture such as methane, coal dust, etc.
The lamp can also be used for illumination in parking lot, central electric power substation, pump room and main lanes in the coal mine.

Meaning of type

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Technical descriptions
1.Enclosure is made of aluminum alloy with high intensity and is formed by die-casting.
2.Surface of the enclosure is coated with high-voltage electrostatic powder which is
corrosion-proof. The structure is light and elaborated.
3.Protective glass shield is made of toughened high borosilicate glass which is impact resistant and has high intensity.
4.Superior filter circuit, lower EMI and EMC, reduces conducted interference and inductive interference.
5.Drive circuit board is dust-proof, dump-proof, corrosion-proof, with reliable performance and has good stability.
6.Imported light source has high illumination efficiency, average life is up to 100,000 hours, long-life time ,energy-saving and environment-friendly.
7.The light source is close to the heat sink, natural heat radiation, with the characteristics of reliable thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation.
8.Wide voltage input, constant current output and luminous flux output, immediate start, power factor is equal to or more than 0.98.
9.Two installation types: Ceiling type and wall type.

Technical data


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